8 Tips On How To Raise Independent Children

8 Tips On How To Raise Independent Children Recently I was at ballet practice with my 7 year old and twin 3 year old daughters. Ballet practice was just ending and we were putting our coats on and getting ready to leave for the evening. As Kennsley was putting on her coat, a nice couple said,… Read more »

A Letter To An Absentee Father

A Letter To An Absentee Father Dear You (I can’t even call you a father), When was the last time you saw your children? Took them to the playground? Ate a meal with them? Bathed your children? Stayed up late to nurse them back to health? Washed their laundry? Cleaned up their vomit? Took them… Read more »

7 Realistic New Year’s Goals for Moms

7 Realistic New Year’s Goals for Moms Let me be honest, I’m glad 2016 is over! This year was a tough one for me, but it opened my eyes to what the future holds for my family and I. It was eye opening in a lot of ways as far as family, finances, business and… Read more »

Similasan Homeopathic Ear Relief Drops – Natural Remedy

  Similasan Homeopathic Ear Relief Drops – Natural Remedy During the winter months, my kids get their normal share of colds. With 5 kids in a school environment you can imagine. I constantly tell my kids to wash their hands and don’t share drinks with anyone (siblings included). But, kids will be kids and kids get… Read more »

“The Four Gift Rule” To Stay On Budget This Christmas

Look at all of this stuff!!! When I was growing up, Christmas was always a big extravaganza. Each year we had a mountain of gifts for my sisters and I under and around the tree. It was like a kid in a toy store, unsure where to go first. The excitement, the amazement and the… Read more »

We Made A “Winter Bucket List”, So You Don’t Have Too!

We Made A “Winter Bucket List”, So You Don’t Have Too! All you have to do is print this out and get to the fun! Each year I sit down with my family to create our summer bucket list. We live in Pittsburgh and the summer is just 3 short months. We try to cram as… Read more »

The More We Give, The Less They Appreciate!

Teaching My Children to Be More Grateful! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! This year was a little different for my family and I, but it was a fun and memorable day for us. Usually around this time of year, many people start to reflect on what they have been blessed with and what they are… Read more »

Chase Your Dreams, Discover Your Passion!

Life is full of choices and decisions…. Today I made a decision to go for my dreams wholeheartedly with gusto and passion! I was watching “Oprah Winfrey’s” Soul Sunday and Wes Moore was being interview. This interview was mind blowing to me and set a fire off inside of me that I needed. He talked… Read more »

Large Family Living & Being Financially Responsible

Being a mother of 6 can be challenging financially for our family. When shopping everything is always x6 or x8, to include hubby and I. Recently, I evaluated our family budget to get ready to purchase summer clothes. This can be stressful because before you know it you are spending hundreds of dollars on your… Read more »

Symptoms of Pneumonia in Adults & Children

Don’t Confuse Pneumonia For A Common Cold or Flu! At the end of August 2015, I started to fill sick. It was on a Wednesday and I thought I was getting a normal cold, but by the evening I realized that it was not a common cold at all. I literally felt like someone had placed me… Read more »